The Canadian Flag

The official Canadian flag is quite recognizable, and is known worldwide as the "Maple Leaf". In 1964, a committee was formed at the request of Prime Minister Lester Pearson to pursue the creation of a flag design that would be unique and idiosyncratic to the Canadian people. A design was selected in 1965 that was inspired by the flag of the Royal Military College of Canada, and it has remained Canada's official flag ever since.

The flag can be described as having a red background with a large white square centered upon it. In the middle of the white square, a large red 11-pointed maple leaf is perfectly placed. Red and white are the only two colors utilized in the flag. The color red was taken from and inspired by the Saint George's Cross and the color white from the French royal emblem. These two colors were decreed the national colors of Canada by King George in 1921.

Canada is located in the very northern part of North America, with the United States of America to its southern border. Its capital city is Ottawa, yet its largest city is the culturally diverse Toronto. Canada has one of the world's largest economies, and some of its most critical exports include natural gas, wheat, and various minerals.

The word Canada originates from the Iroquoian Indian word "Kanata", which means settlement in their language. Canada has two official languages: Canadian English and Canadian French. The national anthem of the country is entitled "O Canada".